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The massage reaches the recipient

Two factors that are often underestimated: delivery and graphic display 

For email marketing campaigns to be successful, it is crucial for all tools employed to work together coherently – from the email template and the mailing to the landing page and the following pages. In this respect, two technical challenges are often underestimated: Only if 1) an email actually reaches the recipient and 2) is also displayed correctly to the recipient can your ideas have a chance to make an impact.

Reliable and user-friendly

ENI.MAIL provides you with a reliable, technical infrastructure for this purpose with an intuitive email editor so that you can design your template and the individual deliverability settings independently for continuous optimisation of your campaign. This enables you to keep the key requirements always completely under control. With Eni.Mail, you can organise your email marketing in a completely independent manner.


1. Deliverability

To increase your delivery and response rate, Eni.Mail can check your template for capability of avoiding spam filters, and our support staff is glad to assist you in avoiding spam-critical wordinge. Constant bounce management and detailed monitoring of the mailing provide you with valuable information for the next campaign.

Prevention instead of a cure

2. Graphic display

Is your newsletter displayed correctly on all terminals? Is the call to action positioned prominently enough? Recipients at mobile terminals decide within a few seconds whether a newsletter is read or deleted. Using Eni.Mail Template Builders, you can create a responsive state-of-the-art design. This increases the attention and conversion rates for your newsletter.

The first impression counts.

3. Analysis

Our technology enables you to conduct a professional analysis of the technical side of the “how the plan is working”. This provides you with a decisive advantage, since the analysis of delivery rates is just as important for understanding the results of your email campaign as marketing-related KPIs. Both of these aspects should determine your strategy for dialogue with the customer.

When one plan is over, another begins


Spam check

Quality tests and tests of spam filter avoidance capability for templates, inspection of subject lines and sender information for spam-critical indicators

User-defined reports

Dynamic configuration of analyses of the mailing report based on individually configurable key figures and KPIs

Email templates

Intuitive newsletter design with Eni.Mail Template Builder, convenient template management and content development in a few simple steps


Split testing of several versions of the mailing based on predefined KPIs (openers, clickers, etc.), automatic delivery of results to test mailing list

Profile enrichment

Conduct-based enrichment of the profile of recipients through individually configurable fields of interest

System warning

Determination of deliverability limits per ISP, warning messages in the event of difficulties with delivery sent by email to various recipients

Data audit

Quality check of your mailing list, data analysis and data cleaning (dead-domain traps, spam traps, syntax errors, bounce check and blacklist check, etc.)

Eni.Mail API

Full control of email campaigns using API is possible, as well as mailing list management and delivery of transmission reports through interface linking


You are under constant suspicion. In worldwide email traffic, the percentage of spam is roughly 57 percent. Therefore, the spam filters of different ISPs and cloud solutions have become increasing rigorous and willingly accept collateral damages.

To protect your reputation: Data audits und bounce management

Use our data audit for address analysis beforehand. Email standards, whitelisting, analyses of spam filter avoidance capabilities and, last but not least, the address quality of your newsletter mailing list, all play a central part in this. Constant bounce management also protects you from acquiring a negative reputation with the ISPs and increases your delivery and response rates.

Good list hygiene and understanding of activity history

Clean up the responses to your email campaign by removing invalid addresses, changes of addresses and by temporarily excluding long-term non-openers. Develop a mailing strategy for addressing long-tern non-openers according to their activity history.

We would be glad to arrange with you an appointment for professional consulting at which we can define together with you the possible target group segments, successful advertising messages, the customer journey and the best moments for each individual campaign.


The first impression counts.

Apart from the right moment, the design is also a crucial factor in making your advertising message appealingr. We would be glad to assist you in planning and designing your advertisements.  We assess the efficacy of the contents, the quality of the templates and their deliverability to the recipient based on multi-faceted Best Practices.

Design, programming, content

On request, we program a suitable template with functional landing page and come up with suitable headlines, images and conversion elements We are also glad to advise you regarding your existing campaigns. Our team analyses your existing templates and landing pages, and we provide you with ideas for improvement or for redesigning the campaign.


Bounce Management

Full service

We create and fill out your newsletter templates, create target groups and send your mailing campaigns.After this, you receive a mailing report from us.

24 h monitoring

Which do you prefer, monitoring of mailings, stopping mailings when the goal is achieved or managing deliverability?Your mailing campaign is in our hands.

Bounce management

Cleaning up your mailing list. Every response to the campaign is examined, invalid addresses are removed and customer feedback is categorised.

Technical support

Assistance with setting up an account and operating Eni.Mail – from drafting your newsletter, to managing recipients, to optimal mailing settings.

Was unsere Kunden sagen



Then send us a query, and we would be glad to advise you on all requirements for a new conceptualisation or a redesign of your existing campaign.
We would be pleased to analyse your individual starting situation and discuss with you the setting of strategic goals, high-performing contents and templates, as well as useful methods for improvement of the mailing performance. We will convey to you the strengths of Eni.Mail and show you how our mailing technology can support you in your dialogue marketing.

Dana Brenner (Technical Support)

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