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Acquiring new customers is crucial for every business, and it is also one of the most demanding challenges for future success. With Enigami, you have an experienced, top-performing partner on your side.

We know how to use select online marketing channels successfully to generate new contacts for you and to motivate them to engage in a long-term dialogue with your offerings. All new customer contacts gained are then your own contacts that you can use in the future for additional sales measures.

In principle, you have a choice of two methods for lead generation:


As a co-sponsor, you are part of a community of advertisers with offerings that complement each other perfectly without competing directly with each other. A thematic area usually provides the content coherence that links your offerings. A joint initiative minimises advertising waste, thus producing an optimal ROI for everyone.

Exclusive lead generation

In an online marketing and social media campaign individually tailored to your brand and your products, you come into contact only with your potential customers. All new customer contacts made remain yours alone, and you can set the stage for their brand experience so that they are optimally receptive to the unique qualities of your offerings.


Exclusive leads

High-quality data generated exclusively for you. All data is checked before delivery for all black list and Robinson lists known to us.

Co-sponsoring leads

You share leads in your sector without overlap and appear as co-sponsor with text and image in the data protection information.


Obtain a profile of email recipients generated by double opt-in with legal guarantees. The quality of the address data is guaranteed.

In-person support

Regular analyses of the results and the progress of lead generation. Support with lead management.


As a rule, leads are generated through various, well-integrated tools and channels.To start off a fresh customer relationship on the right track, the campaign follows the logic of an emotionally accessible story, in which the customer is led along by the hand step by step. To enable the potential customer to get his bearings rapidly in your market world, it is crucial to communicate with him through all channels with a convincing and easily comprehensible idea, a uniform design and content with recognisable wording and images.


First contact – pique their curiosity

In Phase 1, your message is announced to a broad public in a wide-reaching manner through social media campaigns, search or affiliates.With a click on the appropriate offer or call-to-action element (CTA) you have achieved the first step. The fresh contacts are ready to go on a journey together with you and are curious where you will take them with the next click.


Get them involved – generate contactsn

With one click the fresh contacts land on prepared landing pages.There they will find precisely what they have been expecting – whether it is in-depth information on interesting topics, exciting prize competitions or opportunities to compare attractive offers. The goal is always to motivate the potential customers to submit their contact data – the motto: now you know us, so now we would also like to get to know you – then the dialogue can begin.

It is important to give the user a proper reception on the landing page. The right tone, appropriate terms of address and a real incentive are crucial here. The user must clearly recognise: I expected this and I have not been disappointed – quite the contrary, I am in the right place. I am glad that I have found this offer and would like to find out more.


Use contacts – make specific offers

If the address has been submitted and hence is in your exclusive pool, then you can make specific sales offers.The great advantage of lead generation: You have the data of people who are clearly in the right field of interest, since your new customer contacts have segmented themselves, so to speak, through your opt-in. The result is high click and conversion rates that could be comparable to the rates with your existing customers.

For tailor-made sales campaigns, classic email marketing is advisable. An email that is interesting is one of the most effective marketing tools that exists.

Email marketing software


Re-marketing and co-sponsoring campaigns

With your own data, re-marketing has no limits. You can use this method to start to build up a long-term customer relationship. Nurture your customer contacts and use the campaign analyses for your customer relations management (CRM).

Depending on the scope of consent in the customer-side opt-in of your campaign, you also have the opportunity to include sponsors in your marketing measures on your own. These sponsors, in turn, can position appropriate offerings on their own that complement your presence and support your brand credibility through co-branding.

Email marketing



Then it’s time to put your trust in your own personal consultant from Enigami. We analyse your previous measures and determine who you can increase your leads in a lasting manner. For this purpose, we work out a targeted strategy and determine the advertising channels, as well as the correct advertising materials.

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